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Want to reach thousands every month?

Hello, our Potential Sponsor!

We invite you to join our growing Community as a sponsor for the 2024 season. We understand and fully appreciate businesses have been unprecedentedly impacted due to the COVID situation, and as such may find the notion of sponsorship difficult to consider.  As a community club, we are continuously trying to find creative ways for our club to work together with existing and future business partners. For the 2024 season, Wembley Downs Soccer Club are offering opportunities for business visibility at cost price meaning that flexible options can be tailored to your business requirements.

Our club is one of the largest soccer clubs in WA, and the second largest sports club in the City of Stirling.  The club experiences foot traffic exceeding 4,000 people every fortnight throughout the season. Wembley Downs Soccer Club is purely for the Community. This means we do not pay players, and every player pays the same fees. 

The below graphic illustrates each individual item available to be branded with your logo and the associated cost. Wembley Downs Soccer Club has 4 different age ranges that can be considered, and all are different due to squad sizes.

  • Miniroos (6s and 7s) have 6 players on average per squad.

  • 8s and 9s have on average 9 players per squad.

  • 10s and 11s have on average 12 players per squad.

  • 12s and up to seniors have between 16-18 players per squad.






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