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Registration generally opens early January each year and closes end of January /early February (see below for details). 

You will need to register your child in the age division that corresponds with the age he or she will turn in the year that he or she is playing. For example, season 2022, if your child is turning 10 in 2022, he or she will play 10’s.


The club’s preference and policy is for players to play in their age group. There may be circumstances where players are moved but this is ONLY at the discretion of the club committee.


Please follow the details on the MyFootballClub website,  which explains how to register for the season.


New Players - before you can register you will need to request a FFA number for the player. The FFA number can be created on the same website used to register players. Once you have the players FFA number you can complete the registration.


Returning Players - If you are unable to retrieve your FFA number after following the instructions on the website, you will need to contact Football West.


If you are 10 years or older and have moved to Australia but not an Australian citizen, you may be required to fill in an International Transfer form – please see flow diagram which explains the requirements. Forms and further explanation is available on the MyFootballClub website under “clubs” and then under “registration forms and regulations”.


If you are 10 years or older and an Australian citizen and returning to Australia having played for a club overseas you are also required to fill in an International Transfer Form – details as above.


All players in age groups 12 upwards must upload a passport size photo on to the registration details page. This must be done for your registration to be complete. Don’t skip this detail please!


Please note that registration fees are not refundable.


Please ensure you have read our updated Registration Information Document:

Register Here:

  • Click the link above.

  • Choose between 'Re-register' or 'Find your Club'.

  • Select age group.

  • Enter 'Wembley Downs Soccer Club'.

  • Click on 'Start my Registration'.

  • Follow the prompts.

Find/Create FFA Number:

Need Help?:

If you have any trouble with your registration you can use the following resources to help you:

  • Visit the FAQ’s page on the MyFootballClub website.

  • View the Player Registration guides and videos which are on the Resources page of the MyFootballClub website.

  • Call FFA Support Centre (02) 8020 4199 if you are having problems with your password to login.

  • Contact us.

  • Ask for assistance at any training session from the volunteers in the club rooms.

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